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Don't Forget: Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

October 15th - December 7th

One plan does NOT fit all.

Don't make your healthcare decisions based on advice from neighbors and friends.  Selecting the right Medicare plan requires EDUCATION, CONSIDERATION, and PERSONALIZATION.  

EDUCATION.  My first role is to educate those new to Medicare.  I explain the process, what's covered, and the gaps you'll encounter.  If you are an established Medicare beneficiary, I review your current plan and provide annual updates with changes you can expect. 


CONSIDERATION.  I listen to understand your healthcare requirements. Do you travel often?   Have a specific pharmacy or provider preferences?  Knowing your needs and goals is essential to select the path which meets your expectations. 

PERSONALIZATION.  We, partner, to enroll in plans designed to meet your preferences.  It's essential to know what's available, company performance, and the bottom line. I commit to putting beneficiaries first - my clients can expect fair and honest comparisons.  You will be prepared to make your best healthcare decisions.

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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

October 15th through December 7th

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